Outsourcing Association of Nepal

Organized Labor Market – basis for Prosperity



Outsourcing Association of Nepal (OAN) is established with the motto, “Organized Labor Market – basis for Prosperity”. OAN is a collective voice of the labor market enablers – Security Services, Facility Management Services, Staffing Services and the entire Human Resource Outsourcing community. OAN is registered under the clause (4) of the organization registration act 2037 at District Administration Office, Home Ministry, Nepal Government with its registered number 434 pm on 09/09/2074.

Outsourcing which is an established form of business worldwide is yet to be recognized, accepted and adopted as an effective means of business in Nepal though the new Labor Act 2074 has provisioned different norms for Labor Supply services.

OAN will strive to ensure recognition and long-term growth to the outsourcing industry and the economy as a whole by adopting best practices for the benefit of the laborers, government, employers and the outsourcing businesses.

Kathmandu, Nepal